- General Conditions -

1. The provision of services for the Recruitment and Selection (R&S) provided to the client by Family First is subject to the following General Conditions.

2. The R&S service begins when the process is initiated and ends when the candidate is selected and starts working at the client’s home.

3. There are two types of R&S: the permanent R&S and the occasional requests R&S. The permanent R&S is an ongoing contractual relationship between the client and the candidate. The occasional request R&S is a punctual utilization of the service, with no continuity of the contract between the candidate and the client.

4. Family First commits itself to conduct a rigorous selection of all the candidates, checking references and criminal records, to confirm both their habilitations and competences. Family First presents the client with the candidates that best match the solicited profile. The final decision belongs to the client.

5. In permanent R&S, the verification, control and realization of all the necessary data for the candidate to be admitted, including legalization (visas) of the candidate to work in Portugal, the medical examinations, or any other necessary item, will be the entire responsibility of the client. Furthermore, it will also be the client’s responsibility to ensure that the candidate does not violate the applicable legislation.

In the occasional request R&S, the items mentioned above will be Family First’s responsibility.

6. Family First ensures the aptitude of the candidates, maintaining high quality and integrity of the services rendered. It will however, not be responsible for any damage to property, or other assets, caused by the candidate selected by the client.

7. The client commits himself to inform Family First of negotiations with the candidate: the final offer made to the candidate, the type of contract made and the date of commencement of employment or service. If this information is not given, the placement of the candidate at the client’s service is considered to be valid within one week after the interview.

8. In the permanent R&S, the candidate may be subject to a one-day trial period, without additional costs regarding Family First´s fees to the client. This value is included in Family First fees, as long as the process is successfully completed. The client will need to purchase modules (see fees table – recruiting at occasional requests), only if the R&S process is not completed with a Family First candidate. We remind you that Family First´s fees do not include the employee’s wage during the candidate trial period.

9. Depending on the location of the interview, and with the client’s agreement, transport expenses for the candidate’s interview will be paid by the client.

10. After ending the R&S process between Family First and the client (whether it be a permanent or occasional R&S request), the payment of salaries will be the entire responsibility of the client.

11. The fees relate to the provision of the R&S services for families (both permanent and occasional). The client must pay the values determined in the fees table, the day the candidate starts his duties.

Note that, for the Lisbon area, there will be no charge to the client, if the recruitment is not concluded with a Family First´s candidate.

12. We also develop processes to families and to business sector, both nationally and internationally, after a personalized consultation. With the exception of Lisbon area, opening the R&S process has a cost of €100 (VAT included) for national hires, as well as for international hires. This amount will be charged to the client at the beginning of the R&S process by filling out the client form, and deducted from the final amount. If the R&S process is not completed, the amount for opening the process will not be refunded.

Family First is not responsible for costs incurred in hiring the employee, including visa, travel costs, vaccines, among others.

13. Any fees arising from any provision of services rendered must be paid by the client promptly, as soon as the bill is delivered. The payment must be made by bank transfer or mbway to Family First. Family First makes no refunds of fees.

14. If there is an increase in the number of contracted weekly hours, within the first six months following the candidate's employment, the client is obligated to pay Family First the amount corresponding to the set fees for the new practiced schedule (according to the fees table).

15. If the client decides to hire more than one of the candidates presented by Family First, fees must be paid by candidate and not by service (according to the fees table).

16. If any of the candidates presented to the client by Family First were hired directly by the client, family member or friend of the client, in the six months following the date of the first interview between the candidate and the client, the client will be obligated to pay Family First fees presented on the current fees table.

17. Replacement warranty

- Permanent R&S: If the work contract between the candidate and the client ceases during the first 12 weeks, Family First will try to find a replacement, without any additional cost to the client. The warranty period starts counting from the day the first candidate begins her duties. Family First will initiate the replacement within the guarantee validity, as long as all bills are totally paid. It will not however, be possible to assure the date that the replacement will occur.

- Occasional R&S (modules option): if the professional cancels an already confirmed service, Family First ensures their replacement.

18. In occasional requests, the service must be requested in advance, from 48 to 72 hours before, to ensure the choice of the candidate and to check their availability.

19. If a client cancels an already confirmed occasional R&S process, the client should contact Family First 12 hours in advance. Failing to do so, the fees for provision of services will be charged.

20. The utilization of the occasional requests must always occur between Family First and the client; if the client doesn´t inform Family First, all services will be canceled immediately, and the client will have to pay the respective values of the services rendered.

21. If the client wishes, Family First is available to meet the client on its premises. Travel expenses shall be borne by the client. In the district of Lisbon, the value per kilometer (year 2024 - 0,4€/km), inherent to the transportation in a personal vehicle. Outside the district of Lisbon, Family First will present and charge the client ´s travel expenses, including fuel and tolls.

22. All information given to Family First that relates to candidates and clients is confidential.

23. For the resolution of any conflicts caused by the misinterpretation, execution or termination of the contract, the Portuguese law will be applied and solved by the county civil court of Lisbon, and no other.

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