How can Family First help me?
Family First is a service company dedicated to the recruitment and selection of candidates for your family. Contact us and answer our questionnaire, in order to begin the process of Recruitment & Selection (R&S). 

Can I hire a professional on an ongoing basis? And what if I want an occasional babysitter?
There are two types of recruitment and selection of candidates (R&S): Permanent R&S and Occasional R&S. Permanent R&S for continuing contractual relationships between Client and Candidate. Occasional R&S means the use of the service occasionally or for a once-off service, with no continuity of contract between de candidate and the client.

To whom does the responsibility of the employee belong?
Family First is responsible for identifying and submitting candidates. It is an intermediary company assisting with the search process of the candidate. After choosing a candidate, the contractual relationship is between the candidate and the client.

How does the Family First payment fees work?
Family First´s prices are associated with the process of R&S. This value is defined depending on the required occupational category and time desired.

What are the payment terms?
In the family segment and in the Lisbon district, the total amount payable will be made on the day the candidate starts working at the client's home (success fee). 
In the case of occasional requests, payment is made in full on award of providing services to Family First.

How do I pay?
Payment can be made by bank transfer or mbway to Family First.

What is the schedule and how does the process work? 
See diagram on page > About Us > Recruitment & Prices

And if for any reason, I want to replace the employee?
If the employment contract, between the candidate and the client, terminates during the first 12 weeks, Family First will find a replacement with no additional cost for the client. This period applies to the initial process of R&S.

Am I required to enter into a written agreement for permanent recruitment?
No, but it is always advisable. For domestic services, a verbal agreement is sufficient because it has legal value, whether it´s hiring external or internal employees.

And in the case of occasional requests, how does it work?
The payment method will be agreed upon between the client and the service provider.

After hiring the candidate, what are the duties and the rights of the client?
The duties of the client to the new employee are salary payment, social security contributions payment, payment of house work insurance, among others. The duties of the employee to the new employer will be the fulfilment of the established contract.

What kind of Social Security discounts are there?
There are two deductible options for housekeepers: Fixed legal minimal discount (18.9% employer responsibility and 9.4% housekeeper responsibility) and the value is based on real working hours (22.3% employer responsibility and 11% housekeeper responsibility). They have distinct benefits and conditions so you will have to choose between the two options at the beginning of the contract. See link below for more details:

If the employee works on an hourly basis, in three or four houses, is each employer required to pay social security?
Yes, it should always be paid. The housekeeper will have to deduct a minimum of 80 hours per month to have the right to the national social security service.

Is there any difference in terms of rights between an hourly employee and a monthly employee?
No, the employee always has the same rights; since there is regularity, even if only once a month. Deductions are not made only if someone has offered a punctual service. 

And do I have to pay holidays, holiday bonus and Christmas subsidy?
After hiring, the new employee is entitled to receive holiday’s salary, holiday bonus and Christmas allowance, like any other employee engaged. In the first year of work, the amount will be in proportion to the months worked. The payment for the period of holidays cannot be less than the employee would receive if he were actually working.

And how many days off, do I have to give to employee?
Workers who are and who are not housed, have the right, without loss of pay, to the enjoyment of a weekly rest day. Besides the mandatory weekly rest day, leave can still be agreed upon between the parties. The weekly rest day should overlap with a Sunday, but can lapse into another day of the week, when urgent and needed.

Is there a specific law for domestic service or home services?
There is a law applicable to domestic service - Decreto-Lei n.º 235/92, de 24 of October – 
When not contemplated by this law, the Code of Labour must apply. 

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